Physics Tutoring Video Creator (Contract)

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Physics Tutoring Video Creator (Contract)

We’re looking for passionate and knowledgeable physics experts to record short example-based physics lessons that help students learn and apply various physics skills.

As a Physics Tutoring Video Creator, you’ll be:

  • Choosing the topic of your video from a large list of physics problem types
  • Creating engaging, step-by-step videos teaching students how to understand & solve physics problems

Here's what an example of what a video would look like:

As a Physics Tutoring Video Creator, you’ll receive the following:

  • Reliable payment: Timely, reliable payments twice a month via Paypal. All work is paid per piece. Per piece rates vary based on complexity and length of content.
  • Flexibility: Work according to your own schedule with no assignments
  • Support: Access to an incredibly supportive in-house team to answer your questions 
  • Work satisfaction: The knowledge that you're helping millions of students achieve their academic goals!

What we’re looking for:

  • Experience teaching or tutoring high school or early college physics
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in physics, education, or a related field
  • Fluent English writing and reading skills
  • Basic equipment for creating instructional videos for virtual learning:
    • An external microphone or headphones with a microphone
    • A stylus or tablet for writing on-screen

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At, our goal is to make education accessible by providing fun, engaging video lessons and other learning resources for students, teachers, and parents. Today, over 30 million students use every month to achieve their educational and academic goals.

To supplement our existing collection of physics lessons, we are now developing an extensive library of example problems with clear, step-by-step explanations to help students develop and practice their physics skills.

We recently ranked 10th on Virtual Vocations' top 25 list of best partners for remote work in 2021, and we're growing our team of contractors even further!

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Briefly explain your physics teaching experience and/or your experience creating educational materials through video. Please answer in exactly 3 sentences.*
Write a brief step-by-step explanation of how to solve the problem below. Your steps should also include the final answer to the problem. Your audience for this explanation is a high school Physics I student.

A toy car with a mass of 1 kg starts from rest at the top of a ramp at point A. The toy car is released from rest, rolls 2.0 meters down the ramp, then another 3.0 meters across the floor to point B where its speed is measured to be 4.24 m/s. The air exerts a resistance force of 2.0 N on the car as it moves from A to B. Find the initial height of the car at point A. Assume g = 10 m/s^2.

Note: The student has mastered the concept of the conservation of energy and is proficient in solving problems where energy is conserved. The student is new to solving energy problems involving work done by non-conservative forces. Explain how work is related to the total mechanical energy of a system, then use this information to set up and solve the problem above.*
Make a short video, which includes:
(1) Introducing yourself
(2) Writing today's date in this form: “Month Day, Year”.

We will use this video to get a better sense of your audio and visual setup.

Requirements for the video are:
- No longer than 30 seconds
- Clear and legible handwriting
- Writing should be done in a program like OneNote or Whiteboard using a screen recorder. Do not record writing on a physical paper or actual whiteboard. Do not record your face.

Technical requirements are:
- Use the BEST AUDIO POSSIBLE. We recommend using an external microphone or headphone microphone, rather than a laptop microphone.
- Use a tablet or stylus.
- DO NOT use a mouse to write out the date. Your application will be rejected.

You can submit your video either by leaving a link to your video here or attaching the file in the next question.

We recommend that you upload your video unlisted on YouTube. Here is a link to instructions on how to do that:*
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